Soothing saunas

Inhale the fine fragrance of wood and herbs, feel the small pearls of sweat form on your skin and concentrate fully on your breathing.

A strong immune system, a trained heart and clean skin using hot air? Hard to believe but true what a great effect a simple sauna session has on your overall health. Do yourself some good.

Finnish sauna

The classic and still most popular way to sweat is the Finnish sauna. The processed wood breathes and gives off a delicious, natural scent. The 90-degree heat ensures you sweat out waste products and your airways are cleansed in no time. Cool down afterwards and unwind in our cosy relaxation zone.

Bio-herb sauna

The bio-herb sauna is also called low temperature sauna, danarium or sanarium. It is very gentle on the circulation. The air humidity is about 50% and the average temperature is 50°C. Since the bio-herb sauna is gentle on the circulation, the duration of stay is somewhat longer, between 15 and 30 minutes.

Turkish steam bath

Inspired by Greek and Roman bathing rituals, the steam bath was developed in Turkey. In contrast to a sauna, you enjoy higher humidity and lower temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees. Plus, the focus is not on steam but water. Experience gentle, cleansing wellness.

Nibulus Grotto

The Nibulus Grotto is usually visited after sauna sessions. It is a cold room, which has an ice shower with extremely cold fog or rain showers. The aim of this treatment is that the open pores are closed again after the sauna session. The skin is refreshed and the blood circulation is stimulated.

Infrared cabin

You fancy a sauna but don’t like it too hot? Then try a moderate sauna in our infrared cabin. With air temperatures around 45 degrees, you sweat more naturally but still intensively. The health effects are just the same as with a traditional sauna session. So, give it a try.


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