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The 4-Star wellness hotel in South Tyrol

New energy for your body, soul, and spirit during your wellness holiday in the Dolomites

The breathtaking vistas and pristine natural beauty of the Dolomites make Obereggen the ideal spot for your wellness vacation in South Tyrol: There's no better place to relax and forget your worries than at your wellness hotel in the Dolomites of South Tyrol!
After a wonderful day of vacationing full of invigorating activities in the alpine world of the Dolomites, you can come to the wellness and spa oasis of the 4-star sport and wellness hotel in the Dolomites and immerse yourself in total relaxation. With the right combination of wellness facilities, you can use your holiday to refresh and revitalize yourself and thus return from your South Tyrolean wellness vacation with new energy.

Come and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our wellness and spa oasis! The spacious wellness oasis, spa, and beauty facilities of our wellness hotel in the Dolomites, with the comprehensive range of options, are sure to meet with your approval: In our large indoor swimming pool, in the whirlpools, in the solarium, and – of course – in the sauna of this wellness hotel in South Tyrol, you can relax in style after an activity-filled day of vacationing. And if you're still full of energy or want to keep up with your daily exercise routine, you'll find the optimal prerequisites for that in the fitness center of our Sporthotel Obereggen in the Dolomites.
You can experience unforgettable holidays in your sport and wellness hotel in South Tyrol, amidst the enchanting landscape of the Dolomites! Our team of cheerful and efficient employees at this wellness hotel in the Dolomites will do everything in their power to ensure that you enjoy a pleasant and relaxing stay here. The unique spa and wellness options will make your vacation in South Tyrol an unforgettable experience.

Yes, you can look forward to many relaxing and pleasant hours during your wellness vacation in South Tyrol!
The sauna world of the Sporthotel
The simple discovery is: warmth
Humid-warm space climate
with cleaning and stimulating effects...
14.30 h - 19.00 h
08.00 h - 12.00 h &14.00 h - 19.00 h
AQUA GYM: 08.00 h - 08.30 h
Monday & Wednesday 08.30 h - 09.30 h

Consultation and appointment arrangement with Brigitte and Steffi in the wellness area.


For treatments which are cancelled on the booked day we calculate 100%. For reservations please call the number 202 of our Beauty centre or directly the number 9 (reception).

Beauty, harmony and well-being...
"Treat your body well, and your soul will be at ease residing in it." Here at the quiet and peaceful heart of the hotel, I look forward to playing my part in making your stay a pleasant and unforgettable one.

The Sporthotel Obereggen is equipped with Grander technology. Water has, from the origins of civilization, been recognised as having special life-enhancing properties, provided that the water concerned is natural, clean, and kept free of environmental impurities.Thanks to the application of Grander technology, normal tap water can be supplied once more with the natural characteristics that it tends to lose while being processed. Water treated according to the precepts of Johann Grander has come to provide an important element in the healthy lifestyle of many thousands of people.
& beauty treatments
Wellness packages for
face, body and soul...

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Christmas in the mountain at Sporthotel Obereggen
22/12/18 - 29/12/18
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