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Summer holidays in the Dolomites

The right mix of tradition, culture and nature in the mountains

Obereggen, Deutschnofen, Petersberg, Eggen.... gently rolling countryside at the foot of Latemar and the Eggental mountains, consisting of wooded forests interspersed with deep valleys, and a sharp drop into the Etschtal valley on the western edge. These extensive highlands include the area of Deutschnofen (with its 3400 inhabitants).
Spread out across the area are the villages of Deutschnofen (1900 inhabitants, 1350 m) and Eggen (900 inhabitants,1120 m), along with Obereggen (1550 m), Birchabruck (870 m) and Rauth (1280 m), plus Petersberg (600 inhabitants, 1380 m) and the place of pilgrimage at the church of Maria Weissenstein (1520 m). The area occupies 112 square kilometres / 43 square miles in all, and most of it lies between 1200 and 1500 metres (i.e. the best part of a mile) above sea level, with the lowest point at the gorge in the valley of Eggental (550 m) and the high point at the summit of Latemar (2800 m).

Deutschnofen and its surrounding area provides an ideal base for walking and trekking in the beautiful mountain ranges of Latemar and Rosengarten. You can also experience wonderful year-round flora and fauna from astride a mountain bike, or on horseback. The Eggental valley is a great place to play tennis, golf or football, in any of its three new sports centres located amidst the forests and meadows.

And don't forget the wide range of attractive events held throughout our region: Open-air concerts and forest, country and village festivals are just one part of the evening scene.

The Sporthotel Obereggen is the ideal point of departure for walks and treks of all levels of difficulty, located as it is right in the middle of this outdoor-pursuits paradise. The Sporthotel Obereggen team can supply you with details of tried-and-tested touring routes and provide you with insider tips on where to find the best parts of this picturesque kingdom of the legendary dwarf-king Laurin. We also have experienced Alpine guides on hand to accompany you if you so require.

Older hands in the trekking game will find outstanding mountain routes all over the Dolomites. Obereggen is surrounded by the Latemar range and also the Rosengarten and Vajolettürmen mountains. Both sets of mountains form part of the massive Dolomite range. Safe climbing routes and carefully-planned Alpine tours to enticing summits are guaranteed to set the hearts of mountain enthusiasts racing.

Lovers of golf ... are just a few minutes' drive from the Golf Club Petersberg.

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