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Beauty- & Wellness packages at the Sporthotel Obereggen

Relaxation and well-being during a vacation in South Tyrol

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Beauty face TREATMENT

Great things you can do for your skin


Let our experienced and specialized esthetician Chantal spoil you. All the treatments include an intensive deep cleansing, a pleasant face peeling, the enrichment of the skin with our active agent concentrates, a relaxing massage, a regenerative facial mask, the application of special care creams and a proven sequence of the individual steps.

Based on the needs of the skin and scientific evidences the treatment method of Dr. Joseph starts already in the tissue dephts. The metabolism of the skin is going to be in balance: it calms down the nervous system, relaxes the facial expression, normalization of the microcirculation, harmony between body and soul with the object to look after and to keep the health and the beauty of your skin.

Intensive cleansing face treatment
50 min € 62,00

Deep beauty treatment
Treatment with a wonderful natural care specially balanced on your needs with immediate-effect and a deep program to spoil your skin from Dr. Joseph.
80 min € 93,00

Intensive treatment with biodynamical lifting
Intensive treatment w ith biodynamical lifting and bioenergetic flower pistils lifting massage.
110 min € 129,00

Express Power treatment for man

Intensive treatment with biodynamical lifting and bio-energetic flower pistils lifting massage.
50 min € 62,00

Two in one
Foot reflexology treatment – and afterwards a back massage
50 min € 60,00

Intensive anti-cellulite massage
Stimulating leg massage front and rear, with appropriate oils and creams against cellulite and stretch marks
50 min € 60,00

Abhyanga oil massage
A soothing Ayurvedic full body massage with warm oil Creates a balance between body and soul
50 min € 72,00

Ayurvedic foot massage
30 min € 45,00


Is a Hawaiian oil massage; used for relaxation and the physical, mental and spiritual cleansing. It aims to resolve blockages and restore harmony of body, mind and soul.
75 min € 118,00

Small Lomi-Lomi-Nui
50 min € 79,00

Something good for your body

Every man is the builder of a temple called his body (Henry David Thoreau)

Total body massage
For the balance and regeneration of the body

Partial massage
Legs or back are pampered by a massage
50 min € 60,00

Anti-stress massage
Deep relaxation, massage legs and back
25 min € 36,00 50 min € 60,00

Candle massage
Is a relaxing complete massage; a scented candle of your choice is mixed with warm oil.
50 min € 72,00

Aromatic oil massage
The combination of purest ethereal oils and high-grade vegetarian oils let the soothing touch of the hands be a real relaxing experience.
The key to well-being are oils which place the aromatic effect of the massage on skin and senses at the center.
Choose from the following exclusive oils:
HARMONY - For gentle quiet and harmony
VITALITY – Get power
BALANCE – Inner balance
50 min € 62,00

Vital and sport massage
For the athlete of greet temper, regenerates the muscles, stretches and relaxes the body.
Reduces the risk of lesions
50 min € 65,00

Head neck and back massage
Dissolves the tension of the back and neck and stimulates the flow of energy
50 min € 60,00

Head, face and décolleté massage
Soothing massage for face and décolleté
25 min € 36,00

Foot reflexology treatment
Specific energy points of the foot are purposefully stimulated and have a positive effect onto the internal organs
40 min € 47,00

Our body is our soul’s dress and  our energy’s source

Packages and peeling

Alpine mud
Alpicare alpine mud and mountain pine help the detoxification by the skin and have a vitalizing effect. The base for a beautiful, healthy skin
25 min € 45,00

Aromatic oil with sea salt peeling
This classic salt peeling helps skin’s regeneration process and lets a smooth, intensive fresh sensation – ideal before a massage or just as a refreshing treatment.
25 min € 36,00

Hay peeling
Alpine hay extract peeling removes dead skin scales, purifies and tonifies the whole body.
25 min € 41,00

Coconut milk peeling

To soften and moisturize the skin
25 min € 39,00

Combination of peeling and massage
50 min € 65,00

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