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Best sights & attractions in the Dolomites

Tips on visiting the Eggental valley, Bozen, South Tyrol

The Latemar Massive – a jewel of Mother Nature – provides the breathtaking backdrop to the Latemarium – a realm full of excitement and adventure, in Obereggen. Because of its geological and botanical importance as well as beautiful landscape, this magnificent massive – surrounded by unique hiking trails – was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  The new thematic trails will lead you through ancient alpine forests and over verdant meadows to managed alpine huts. And last, but not least, the easy access makes your stay in Obereggen a special natural experience for the whole family.

At the southwestern foothills of the Dolomites you can find adventure parks, learning center, nature monuments and an impressive Canyon with its geological treasures and diverse landscapes. Discover the history of earth in one of the most beautiful areas in South Tyrol.

Museum Collepietra
Take a fascinating excursion into Tyrolean history in our Steinegg museum. Exhibits include scenes from the local farm, the role of religion in the farmers' lives, many different almost forgotten trades and crafts, painful memories of the wars and many others. As you walk past old cabins, small rooms and workspaces, you experience the simple life up close and personal and you will be fascinated at how our ancestors had a special way with nature all around them. The museum's distinctive character shows in the precision and loving restoration of all the details of South Tyrolean life. The Resurrection Chapel is a unique artifact in itself, displaying valuable statues and other sacred treasures. Steinegg Museum of Local History is one of the most beautiful museums of its kind in South Tyrol. Guided tours of the museum are now available!

Deutschnofen parish church
This beautiful piece of architecture houses a notable high altar in the neo-gothic style: The four carved-relief panels with scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary in the early-gothic altar screen are by Hans von Judenberg (Steiermark, 1421 - 1424); this altar was originally made by Judenberg for the Bozen parish church, but in 1725, the "outmoded" altar screen was taken from Bozen and presented to the church at Deutschnofen.

St. Cyprian's Chapel, Tiers
Small late-Romanic chapel with semicircular apse; the chapel was probably built at about the same time as the 13th-century St. George's parish church in Tiers. Of worldwide postcard fame: the west face of Rosengarten and the faces of Laurin, the needle-like towers of Vajoletttürme, with St. Cyprian's church in the foreground.

Deutschnofen area museum in Thurn Castle
Houses collections of both religious objects and different items of folk culture; information: Tel. 0471/616567

Maria Weißenstein place of pilgrimage
The church of Maria Weissenstein dates from the 17th century, large monasterial building with important collection of votive panels. An old pilgrimage trails winds its way from Welschnofen, via Birchabruck – Deutschnofen to the church of Maria Weissenstein.

Tirol Castle – village of Tirol/Meran
South Tyrolean Museum of Culture and Local History Seat of the counts of Tyrol. The museum is open daily (except on Mondays) from March 16th until November 30th 2004 from 10.00 to 17.00 hrs.
Tel 0473 220221 - www.schlosstirol.it

St. Helena‘s chapel, Deutschnofen
Isolated 12th-century chapel, set in idyllic walking country amidst forests and meadows, the chapel can be reached in 30 minutes on foot from Deutschnofen. The stuff that dreams are made of: The gothic frescoes (picture on right) of the Bozen School (Giotto Manier) from the 15th century with scenes from the old and new testaments; picnic area with panoramic views of Latemar, the Rosengarten range and Schlern. The church tower contains the oldest bell in the region, cast in around the year 1400.

MMM Messner Mountain Museum
As the rganizede of the Messner Mountain Museum, MMM Firmian in Sigmundskron Castle near Bozen addresses the subject of man’s encounter with the mountains. In a setting dominated by the various peaks between the Schlern and the Texel range, the museum is spacious enough to be rganized as an itinerary between the various works of art, installations and relics that it houses. The paths, stairs and towers lead visitors form the depths of the mountain, where their origins and exploitation are brought to life, and the religious significance of the peaks as an aid to orientation and a bridge to the beyond, to the history of mountaineering and the alpine tourist industry that we know today. Annual exhibitions are also held.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, Meran / The charming botanical garden
In the gardens of Schloss Trauttmansdorff Castle contains plants collected from all over the world, all presented in a typical South Tyrolean setting. Footpaths wind their way through the water features and gently-sloping terraces of the garden of the senses or the Japanese garden, the hillocks of cacti and succulents or the cultivated southern plants like olive trees or grapevines.

Prösels Castle, Völs
The present construction of the castle, with its gate towers, turrets and other fortifications, dates it as being from the time of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian. The castle provides a regular summer venue for concerts of chamber and baroque music.

"Max Valier" public observatory
The South Tyrol's first and only public observatory was set up in summer 2002 (open on Thursdays) for the use of serious astronomers and the merely curious alike.

The South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum Bozen
Archaeological finds from the South Tyrol, ranging from prehistoric times to the middle ages. Exhibition of the sensational Similaun find, the bronze-age "Mummy of the Glacier" and the objects found beside it.

South Tyrolean Natural History Museum, Bozen
History of the geological formation of the South Tyrol and the development of its inhabited areas, regular scientific exhibitions.

Augustine Monastery in Neustift Brixen
The gallery and library are very famous. Groups should book in advance. Guided tours (booked in advance): from Monday to Saturday at 10.00 hrs. Closed on Sundays and official holidays.
Tel. 0472 836189 - www.kloster-neustift.it

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