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Mountain biking in the Eggental valley

Bike Holidays in the Dolomites, South Tyrol

The Eggental valley offers, along with its many other attractions and an almost Mediterranean climate, ideal conditions for a relaxing mountain biking holiday. Enthusiasts of this sport will feel at home against the fantastic backdrop of Latemar Rosengarten, Schlern and Langkofel in the Dolomites, with routes that the whole family, children included, can come and enjoy.

The Eggental valley midst of the Dolomites acquired fame in mountain biking circles when Raimund Weissensteiner (Heitschi) made his record-breaking speed run of 124.13 km/h there. This successful record attempt enjoyed Europe-wide fame thanks to its inclusion in the “Wetten Dass” TV programme, which showed Heitschi racing his bike down a ski slope against a world champion downhill skier. At lower altitudes, the mountain-biking season begins at the start of April, while higher-altitude paths are open by the end of May. Forest roads and paths run from altitudes of 300 metres / 980 feet up to 2,200 metres / 7,200 feet.

Demanding bikers will find endless single-track trails with exciting downhill stretches and tricky trial sections. Mountain bikes can be hired at our hotel. We will be pleased to provide you with useful tips and interesting route suggestions!

Tour Latemar
(Race stretch; 13.1 km / 8.1 miles; 670 HM; demanding conditions)

Demanding short circuit, with steep and difficult uphill sections, to Laner-Alm, Zischg-Alm and Meierl-Alm. The return route to the Sporthotel Obereggen runs via a series of paths and forest roads.
Obereggen Km 0:
Start at Sporthotel Obereggen, take short asphalted uphill section, then turn right on WW 9 and continue on to Laner-Alm (Km 2,5 / 1.6 miles), then turn right and follow uphill forest path, after Km 3.1 / 1.9 miles, take a sharp left and continue along level ground to the ski-lift station. Follow Reiterjoch (the central ski slope follows a vaguely discernible tractor path) uphill; continue on to Meierlalm (Km 6.7 / 4.2 miles), then turn left into the steep downhill cutting; cross the forest road and follow WW 9 to Laneralm (Km 9 / 5.6 miles) - turn right onto forest road, hear right and continue uphill for Km 11.4 / 7 miles, staying on the downhill stretch at fork WW 22 to Km 12.2 / 7.6 miles; stop going uphill at the cutting, and turn left onto the forest road. Continue back to the point of departure.

Tour Rosengarten
(44 km / 27 miles; 1080 HM; riding time 4 HRS.; demanding conditions)

Dream mountain-bike circuit with beautiful views of Rosengarten and the turquoise-tinted Karer lake. You must however be able to conquer the climb from Eggen to Bewallerhof.You can then follow a variety of trial ways on the descent through the beautiful forest path back to Eggen.
Eggen Km 0:
Start at the church car park, then turn left at the primary school and continue uphill for about 50 metres / yards, then turn right on WW 0, cross the main road and go over the bridge and and private road (signposted) and continue left uphill for 2.3 km / 1.4 miles. Take the left fork and continue on forest road WW 8 towards Karer lake - look for electrical substation after 3.5 km / 2.2 miles. Bear right at WW 8 and take the steep uphill forest road, take left fork after 4 km / 2.5 miles and take the downhill forest path, cross the stream, bearing left. Cross the asphalted road after 5 km / 3.1 miles and pass Bewallerhof on the left. Then turn right onto WW 8 and follow the signs for Karer lake, bearing left. At Karer lake (Km 10.2 / 6.3 miles), turn left at the crossroads and follow the marked path (towards "Mittersee/C"). (Cross the main road leading to the Hotel Moder Alm - see map). The wide gravel way to the path comes out at a point above the Hotel Schloss Latemar (Km 15 / 9.3 miles). Follow the asphalted road towards Niger, after 17 km / 10.6 miles, turn right onto WW 9 (short route section) and left onto WW 1C, continuing as far as the Niger Pass (22.8 km / 14.2 miles), cross the main road and take the left-hand forest road to Schillerhof (29 km / 18 miles) and follow the Wolfsgrube path (30 km / 18.5 miles) towards Obergummer. After 31.4 km / 19.5 miles, ignore the forest road on the left (!) and descend slightly to the junction with WW 2B, direction Sommerhof / Pardellerhof, turn left onto WW 2B and follow it downhill to Welschnofen, after 36 km / 22 miles, turn right and follow the gravel Mühleweg path downhill. Take the asphalted road on the right as far as the Löwen guest house, and after 80 m / yards, turn left onto WW 7. At Kobhof (km 41.5 / 26 miles), turn left onto WW 7 and follow the forest path to Eggen.

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