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Hiking hotel in the Dolomites of South Tyrol

Hiking in the "Rose Garden" in the Latemar Area

The Obereggen Sport and Hiking Hotel is ideally situated for your hiking holiday in South Tyrol: Come and discover the breathtaking beauty of this alpine world in the Dolomites, and learn what it means to "stand with the world at your feet." For hikers, mountaineers, and rock-climbers, the Dolomites are truly a paradise on Earth!
On every day of your vacation in the picture-book landscape of South Tyrol, you can explore the limitless vistas during the most-magnificent hikes. At an elevation of from 1,300 to 1,500 meters above sea-level, you'll experience peace and recreation while you hike through the Dolomites. On hot summer days, hiking in the Dolomites represents a welcome opportunity to experience the refreshing coolness of this untouched natural landscape. And after an exciting day in these awe-inspiring mountains, you can return to the wellness oasis (VERLINKUNG WELLNESS ODER VITAL OASIS) of this unique hiking hotel in the Dolomites to find a wide range of options to relax and enjoy yourself!

A vacation in this hiking hotel in Obereggen holds a lot of activities in store for you: The Eggen / Ega Valley is a true El Dorado for hikers, with hundreds of kilometers of well-posted trails and paths through forests and across meadows, all the way up to the summits of the Rose Garden and Latemar in this hiking paradise of the Dolomites. The Eggen Valley features sunny high-altitude meadows, but also wonderful hikes for alpine sportsmen at the Rose Garden and the Latemar. The whole family will love going on outings over these broad level spaces during your hiking vacation in the Dolomites.
The approx. 540 km of well-groomed and posted hiking trails in the Rose Garden / Latemar vacation region mean that you have countless options to explore the Dolomites on your own during your hiking holiday in the Dolomites. And vacationers who want to go even higher can take the modern aerial lifts situated near the hiking hotel to the higher-elevation hiking areas in the Dolomites. The 7 via ferrata (secured paths) and the numerous alpine huts along the way are an El Dorado for alpine enthusiasts.

This hiking hotel in Obereggen is the ideal starting-point for hikes of all levels of difficulty through this truly unique hiking paradise. The service team at your hiking hotel in the Dolomites is always here to provide you with inside tips and helpful advice about the best hiking routes through this lovely realm of legendary characters like the Dwarf King Laurin. Upon request, our experienced hiking guides can lead you on a hike through the Dolomites.
Practiced mountain-climbers can look forward to exploring some of the most-beautiful routes through the rugged terrain of the Dolomites – in the immediate vicinity of the Obereggen Sport and Hiking Hotel. But for families with children, too, there are plenty of fun trails to explore! Obereggen is surrounded by the Latemar Group and the Rose Garden with the Vajolet Towers. These two mountain ranges are among the most-famous of the Dolomite Massive. Secured trails and challenging alpine tours to magnificent summits make this area a paradise for ambitious and leisure-time mountain-climbers alike.

The Dolomites are a popular hiking destination not only in the summertime, but for ski vacations in South Tyrol, too. Yes, the Dolomites offer a wide variety of options for holiday-makers! Explore the legendary Dolomites during your hiking holiday in South Tyrol!

NEW – The new empire of adventure: The Latemarium! For your hiking vacation in Obereggen

The new Latemarium adventure park in Obereggen is expecting visitors starting in the summer of 2014, and offers the following adventures:
latemar.360° - New outlook platform with sensational panoramic view of the Dolomites at the mountain station of the Obereggen-Oberholz chairlift
latemar.panorama - New panorama adventure trail in the heart of the Dolomites, with spectacular outlook points and interesting stories (life in the cliffs, legendary figures of the Latemar, historical boundary dispute)
latemar.natura - New nature adventure trail with interactive adventure stations on flora and fauna of the region of the Eggen Valley
latemar.tempo - "Durabühl" descent trail with numerous sun-drenched and shady spots - the ideal place to relax during your hiking vacation
latemar.m2671 - Medium-hard mountain hike to the Latemar Hut
Zipline facility
Hiking tours and trekkings

Geoparc Bletterbach near Aldein, South Tyrols' Gran Canyon
Located just 10 km / 6 miles from Deutschnofen and often dubbed the "Grand Canyon of the South Tyrol", this landmark is undoubtedly one of nature's outstanding works of art. This geological masterpiece of a gorge, located in the foothills of Mount Weisshorn, allows you to see directly - much better than in a textbook - how the Dolomites came to be formed.
Tip for walkers:Point of departure: Laner-Alm. From here, take path no. 3 and bear right, following it directly downhill to Taubenleck. Continue on from the waterfall (near Butterloch) to the end of the valley (Gorz), and return uphill and northwards along the Gorzsteig path until you reach the forest road. The final descent then leads back to the car park at Lahner-Alm.

Karer Lake - hiking through a land of legend
Just stand on the banks of the lake for a while, to understand why this mountain lake is the source of so many legends, and an inspiration for so many renowned painters and famous writers. The enchanting uniqueness of this forest lake lies in its play of colours, of tones of green and blue that mix, match and blend with one another in a symphony of different shades.
Tip for walkers:
Point of departure: Obereggen. Starting at the the upper car park, take the left-hand forest path (21 A) > Herrenwald forest (21) > Mitterleger (11) > Karer lake (2 hours)
return route: Path no. 8 > Templweg > Bewaller (9) > Obereggen (2 hours)
Walking time: 4 - 6 hours; level of difficulty: medium

Mountain trekking tour on the Weißhorn
The Weisshorn attracts visitors due to the amazing view that it has over the Brenta Paganella, the high Ortler massif, the Tessa group at Merano and naturally the Dolomites. An enchanting experience for all walking enthusiasts!To make this detour, calculate a slightly longer duration time up to the Jochgrimm. From here, only 320 metres in altitude separate you from the summit, the Siei, that you will reach after around half an hour’s steady walk uphill through meadows, larch woods and rocks. On the way back, you will pass in front of the Gurndin hut where you can get something to eat and drink.
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty rating: steep but not difficult

Mountain hut Torre di Pisa
Ascent with the chair lift (top station 2150m). Walk uphill on Trail n. 18 to the Camosci wind gap (2560m), mountain hut Torre di Pisa (2671m). Take trail n. 516, then the Latemar ridge path n. 22 to the chairlift Oberholz, Obereggen. This is an excursion of medium difficulty which leads you through the Latemar and offers you a breathtaking view.
Starting point: Tourist office Obereggen
Duration: 5 hours
Difficulty rating: challenging

Hirzlweg path Rosengarten
Take the chairlift to the Paolina refuge, from where follow the "Hirzl - Weg" until you reach the Rosengarten refuge. This is the ideal place to get some refreshments. On the way back, follow pathway 549 until you reach the monument of Christomannos and then return to the Paolina refuge. The return journey on foot through the meadows is also delightful.

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